Ladies this night belongs to you. With a whopping %50 off, you can enjoy yourself all night long without checking on the time. So leave your hubby home, grab a girlfriend, and head on over to The 8 Ball lounge next Wednesday.

If you plan on coming with a group and would like to have a table waiting, please make a reservation prior. (offer available on Wednesdays only). This special applies to table time only and is available from 7:00 pm until closing.

To be eligible for this discount you must request it prior to purchase. All discounted deductions will be applied upon checkout.

Note: This offer cannot be combined with any other special.

ladies night 8ball lounge

Answers To Some FAQs

LEAGUES: The best way to improve your pool game is to join our amateur pool leagues. For more info, email us at [email protected] or CLICK HERE to sign up now.

RESERVATIONS: Reserve a pool table at The 8 Ball Lounge Billiards. We can accommodate multiple groups of two up to ten individuals. Reservations may be done for any day of the week. All bookings will be honored up until ten minutes after the original scheduled time at which point if unclaimed, will be closed. Some exceptions may apply.

To book a reservation CLICK HERE or Email us at [email protected].

Hours of Operation

The 8-Ball Lounge Billiards is Open for business 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

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